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Yung Chin

  Yung Chin is one of America most respected and sought after maker and dealer of fine bows. Based in New York City, Mr. Chin worked with the well-known bow maker William Salchow for seven years before opening his own shop. Yung Chin is a frequent contributor to STRINGS magazine and his bows were featured on the cover of the March 1988 issue of THE STRAD magazine. Yung Chin has given numerous lectures about bows and has, for the last four years, taught bow making and restoration at Oberlin College as part of their Violin Restoration program.   

   Yung is a leader in the movement to preserve and protect the endangered pernambuco tree, from which the best bows have been made for centuries. He travels frequently to South American rain forests to lead conferences and preservation works.

   Yung Chin is a member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Dealers as well as the Violin Society of America.







Yung Chin